I have tried to write an introduction for over an hour now. Do I quote something serious from The Grapes of Wrath or do I try to make another Bernie Madoff joke without Grandma Nora in Boca Raton getting offended? I’ll let you decide.

Punk-rock Martha Stewart

Is there something in Seattle water that just makes everyone rough around the edges and super cool? You know this person was blasting Nirvana in a flannel shirt while writing the best piece of prose I’ve read in months.

“Cupcakes” Trump “Financial Crisis”

This reminds me of a Simpsons episode when Lisa has a Malibu Stacy doll that says stuff like, “Math is hard, let’s go to the mall.” Matt Groening, you foreshadowing genius, you.

Unsold Cars Around the World

If Spielberg had some guts, he’d buy all these cars, ask Bill Gates to turn them into robots, and make a movie called “Mr. Nissan, CEO.”

Faces of the Recession

You know how there are those extremist Hale-Bopp types who claim that man never landed on the moon or that Elvis is alive and living in Reno? Well, Andy Cook has grabbed the punch right out of their hands on this one, beautifully documenting that the financial collapse has in fact happened.