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Too Shy to Stop

About Us

Too Shy to Stop is an online arts and culture magazine for young people who live, work, study, or play in the United States. Our readers value education, culture, the arts, and information. They are curious, active, ambitious, and interested.

Launched in May, 2008 as Laryssa Wirstiuk falco data de groove download ’s personal blog, Too Shy to Stop has grown to become an alternative media outlet where readers can access diverse content from young writers and other creative individuals.

The name Too Shy to Stop was inspired by a phrase from “In the Waiting Room,” a poem by Elizabeth Bishop. Our content includes articles about the arts, literature, entertainment, food, social and political issues, travel, and interesting individuals. We also feature book, movie, music, and restaurant reviews. Every Sunday, the readers take over; “I Scream Sunday” is a creative space for reader-submitted art and writing.

Though each of us has our own opinions and experiences, Too Shy to Stop has no political agenda, and we strive to provide readers with fair and honest reporting. Through careful thought, research, and attention to detail, we present accurate facts and fair, respectful opinions. Too Shy to Stop strives to create community and dialogue.

We believe that the Internet is the most easily accessibly and most environmentally friendly medium, and we hope to conserve paper and ink by keeping our content digital. Too Shy to Stop prioritizes creativity, encourages curiosity, and welcomes everyone who cares to tag along.

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