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Too Shy to Stop

Posts by Adam Shuler


Adam Shuler grew up in the dry confines of the Arizona desert. He received a B.S. in Electronic Media from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff before moving out to the Washington D.C. area to get a taste of East Coast life. Adam is an entertainment nut. Expect nothing less from a guy who learned how to read by looking at TV Guide! Although he likes all forms and genres of film and television, he has an affinity for animation, satire, science fiction, and game shows. His favorite film is The Godfather and his favorite TV show is The Twilight Zone. When not absorbing what media has to offer, Adam enjoys writing, travel, trivia, making people laugh, and wondering why some people do the things they do. He also loves music, and is a ringer in a prestigious handbell ensemble in Virginia. He’ll probably like you too, if he ever gets to meet you.


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