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Too Shy to Stop

Posts by Amanda Karby


Amanda M. Karby was raised in the comfortable Plymouth, Michigan, a town right between Ann Arbor and the city of Detroit. She’s never left her home other than to attend Hope College in Holland, MI during the academic season, of which she will be a junior in the fall of 2009. She has always known that she has a passion for words and for the English language, declaring her major in her first semester of college. With the wonderful study this major provides, Amanda proudly edits Hope’s student-run literary magazine, Opus, which showcases the art of the college community. When she’s not editing or writing for her courses, she loves to play guitar, spend time in her beloved Ann Arbor – a city of a million characters, and religiously chase the band Green Day around the Midwest. Her goal as an artist is to become an established editor with a keen eye for beautiful poetry and captivating prose, harnessing the ability to bring the art of printed word back to the forefront of media. She hopes to one day make this living in the publishing field, but if she could, she would love to purchase a Canon XL2 and drop everything to enroll in film school… Don’t tell her parents that, though.


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