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Too Shy to Stop

Posts by Andrew Waldron


Andrew’s story began in the dubious state of New Jersey, and he has loved mostly every step of it. He attended Fordham University for a year, but after realizing that he wasn’t hip enough for the city, he decided to transfer. This coming fall, he’ll be a sophomore at Rutger’s University. He plans on studying philosophy and American studies. His interests include music, playing guitar, surfing, scuba diving, reading, and writing(duh). Reading for him is something of a passion, and he loves mostly every book he reads for one reason or other- even if the reason be that he loves hating it. Authors he particularly cares for include David Foster Wallace, Philip Roth, Colson Whitehead, Breece D’J Pancake, and Kyle Beachy. Other than that, he loves the music of Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, Rolling Stone magazine, strong black coffee, the Yankees, and Arizona Iced Tea. He is also a struggling vegetarian who falls off the wagon quite often at the temptation of a cheesesteak or a pork-roll, egg, and cheese. After realizing that the rock-n-roll thing was not going to work out, Andrew shifted dreams, and now finds himself on an equally lofty cloud, aspiring to write and teach.


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