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Too Shy to Stop

Posts by Brittney Press


Hailing from Northern New Jersey, Brittney Press was raised in the Garden State, but has found her niche in Greenwich Village, NYC. She is a sophomore at NYU studying Nutrition and Dietetics. When she isn’t gallivanting the streets looking for restaurants to eat at or scouting out new music to listen to, she enjoys reading (especially T.S. Eliot and Milan Kundera), experimenting in the kitchen, and acrylics. She also enjoys tennis, black and white photography, and many types of music from David Bowie to Kaki King to The Moldy Peaches. Brittney also spends a lot of time as a part-time nanny and always has her nose in the daily paper doing Sudoku and other puzzles. Hoping to travel to Asia and parts of Africa in the near future, she hopes to learn from their cultures and experience the authentic cuisines that are offered there. In fact, she has such a passion for food, she will be able to tell you where to get the best cupcake in Manhattan or what’s really in that giant Bacon Club Chalupa you just picked up from Taco Bell. She plans to become an R.D. and writer in an effort to promote better nutrition.


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