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Too Shy to Stop

Posts by Dervedia Thomas


Dervedia Thomas has been immersed in American (in particular Black American) culture and politics for two years as a student of South Carolina State University. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, she is still amazed by how much the United States and in particular the south is so different and yet so similar to what you see in the movies. Dervedia is currently the Editor-in-Chief of her student newspaper and has no social life as a result. What semblance of free time she has is used to hang out with friends, chat on facebook and go out for the occasional Long Island ice Tea. She just realized last week that she has chosen the wrong major (marketing), after doing it for two years instead of digital media; a major she did not know existed. Her dream career would be to write a successful column in a newspaper/magazine that would afford her the luxury of doing absolutely nothing in her city apartment, except shop for designer clothes and shoes and go out drinking like Carrier Bradshaw in Sex and the city. A stint making documentaries or Barbara Walter's career would not be bad either.


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