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Too Shy to Stop

Posts by Eui-jo Marquez


Eui-jo (We-joe) Marquez was born and raised in southern California, and just graduated from Cal State Fullerton with Bachelor’s Degrees in English and print journalism. She took a five year break from college and California when she served in the Army as a Korean linguist. She doesn’t remember much Korean but enjoyed traveling, meeting interesting people and doing something different everyday. Eui-jo has always loved to read anything she could get her eyes on, but she only recently discovered she likes to write as well. She wants to write and write and write until she can communicate in a clear and captivating manner. She also likes to travel, hike, bike, run, practice yoga and swim in the ocean. She enjoys movies, TV, theater, art and music. She wants to learn everything and tell you all about it. Someday Eui-jo would like to be paid to travel, meet people, learn and write. But for now she will intern for free.


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