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Too Shy to Stop

Posts by Justine Lorelle Blanchard


Justine Lorelle Blanchard is a senior at Drake University in Des Moines, IA, where she's pursuing a dual degree in magazine journalism and writing. Originally from California, she's spent the last 12 years seeking out the positives of life in the Midwest. When she's not in class, interning, freelancing, or otherwise aspiring to her lifelong dream of writing professionally, she can typically be found working out, compulsively checking her e-mail, or teaching her kitten, McKinley, how to play fetch. Justine's interests include reading anything, iced coffee, men's fashion, road trips, and taking too many pictures. After spending last summer interning at a New York magazine, Justine can't wait to move back in May and (hopefully) continue to pursue her career in journalism. And to get a Great Dane. Because her parents never bought her the pony.



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