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Too Shy to Stop

Posts by Melody Gordon


Melody Gordon is an overworked, underpaid newspaper editor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She is the one her coworkers always ask, 'Why are you still here?' Melody's magazine style of writing is rough around the edges, but she believes that writing, like life, is a learning process. She swears to break away from her strict news background and tone by doing more stories about unorthodox artists and pop culture technology. Every time she attempts to plan her life more than two years in advance something drastic happens to make those former plans impossible. While moving to New York and landing a sweet job at CNN with Anderson Cooper was the plan last fall, Melody looks forward to graduating with a degree in Journalism and Electronic Media sometime next year. She also hopes the electronic media part will open the door for more opportunities with online publications, blogging, web design and/or video production. In her free time she writes fiction, indulges in film, dabbles in graphic design, prays regularly and watches The Colbert Report.


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