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Too Shy to Stop

Posts by Rosalind Adams


Rosalind grew up in Manhattan and then moved to L.A. to attend UCLA, from which she recently graduated. Armed with a degree in Sociology and a minor in Political Science, it was then she decided what she really wanted to do was tell beautiful stories full of witty insights about the crazy world we live in. Post-college, she popped over to London and Wales for a few months and did the whole “Europe thing.” However, it wasn’t long before she was back in the coffee shops of L.A, typing away on her laptop and sipping lots of vanilla lattes. She is currently on a mission to become paid for writing, but along the way, is happy that people are reading the words she is stringing together. She has won National Novel Writing Month twice, competed on the Junior National Track and Field team and sometimes only talks in Regina Spektor lyrics. In her free time, she contemplates moving to a new city, going to graduate school and how many words she can write in one day.


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