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Too Shy to Stop

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Are you a young, aspiring writer or photographer? Do you want to contribute to a publication but have a small portfolio? Would you like to be part of a growing community of creative individuals?

Too Shy to Stop is currently seeking writers and photographers. During the week, we run feature articles, interviews, profile pieces, and reviews.  We welcome your suggestions for articles, but here are our current areas of focus: Art & Literature, Food & Drink, Liberty & Pursuit, Media & Leisure, and People & Places.

Why should you contribute?

“Writing for Too Shy to Stop has made me more culturally conscious, and I am willing and eager to leave my comfort zone and explore the unknown.” – Eric Wilkens

“Too Shy to Stop is a great outlet for me to explore topics that I am interested in or curious about. It’s a community of strangers, but we learn from each other.  Our individual styles blend perfectly to create a really special project.” – Christine Barrett

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“I have come across so many new things while brainstorming and researching stories for Too Shy to Stop. It has really broadened my horizons, and I get to write about what interests me, even if that changes weekly.” – Isabel Adams

“I have my own voice.” – Cindy Chu

“I love working for Too Shy to Stop because of the easy, laid-back attitude that everyone holds.  Deadlines are easy to make, and there’s no stress involved!” – Ana Richters

“Too Shy To Stop has given me the freedom to explore my personal writing style.  I gain the confidence and find the guidance I need to produce work that I am proud to call my own and share with the world.” – Lauren Bucci

“Too Shy To Stop has really broadened my interests and writing abilities! It has shown me that I can turn my simple interests and passions into written pieces that inform and excite others!” – Ariela Rose

“Where else could I write an article about the stock market one week and squirrel birth control the next?” – Justine Lorelle Blanchard

If you are interested in contributing, please email Laryssa and describe why you would like to join our team. black eyed peas boom boom pow

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